Metecno Italia s.r.l. is aligned with Legislative Decree No. 24/2023 which transposed in Italy the EU Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report violations of Union law. The Company guarantees internal reporting channels that allow you to report any violations of the Organisational Model, Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 and European Union law, protecting the confidentiality of reporters and preventing retaliation.


The report can be made by:
  • employed persons (or employees);
  • self-employed persons with a cooperative relationship;
  • freelancers and consultants;
  • volunteers and trainees, paid and unpaid; shareholders;
  • persons with management, administration, control, supervision or representation functions at METECNO Italia, even if these functions are carried out merely as a matter of fact; also, where the legal relationship has not yet begun, whether information on infringements was acquired during the selection process or at any pre-contractual stage, during the probationary period, or after the termination of the legal relationship, whether the information was acquired during the report.


The report may concern:
  • relevant unlawful conduct pursuant to D.lgs. 231/2001 and violations of the Organization Model adopted by Metecno Italia;
  • offences falling within the scope of European Union acts relating to the following areas: public procurement; financial services, products and markets; prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing; product security and conformity; transport safety; environmental protection; radiation protection and nuclear safety; food and feed safety and animal health and welfare; public health; consumer protection; protection of privacy and protection of personal data and security of networks and information systems;
  • acts or omissions affecting the financial interests of the European Union;
  • acts or omissions related to the internal market, including violations of European Union rules on competition and State aid, as well as corporate tax.
  • acts or conduct that nullify the object or purpose of the provisions referred to in the Union acts mentioned above.
Complaints, claims, or requests regarding the personal interests of the signaller, which relate exclusively to individual employment relationships, cannot be reported or related to working relationships with hierarchically superimposed figures.


The report may be made:
  • In written form by registered letter addressed to the Whistleblowing Manager, Avv. Prof. Marco Naddeo, via Francesco Conforti, 10 - 84122 Salerno.
    The report should be placed in two closed envelopes, with the signaller's identifying data and an identity document in the first one and the subject of the report in the second one; both envelopes must then be inserted in a third envelope carrying outside the words "reserved for the reporting manager".
    The report can also be anonymous. In this case, the signaller may choose to include only the telephone reference in the first envelope for contact in the continuation of the alert.
  • In oral form, contacting the Signalling Manager via phone or voice message on +39 375 8484036. If the signaller doesn't want to be anonymous, he can request a meeting that the Whistleblowing Manager will arrange online within a reasonable time from the request.
The report should be nominative to facilitate more efficient investigation activities while still maintaining the safeguards granted by the law.

Features of the alert

The alert must be well-substantiated to allow any appropriate evaluation by the person in charge of managing it. In particular, the notifier should ensure that the fact is clearly stated, with the circumstances of the time and place in which the event occurred, and all the elements that may enable the person to whom the reported facts can be attributed, to be identified.


Once the Report has been received, the Reporting Manager will:
  • 1. provide an acknowledgment of receipt of the alert to the reporting person.
  • 2. maintain the contact with the reporting person;
  • 3. ensure that the alert received is properly followed up;
  • 4. provide feedback to the reporting person.
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